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Architecture Barcelona

Estracts from the program:


  • Superblocks: The city council is working on a superblocks program. Busy streets will be transformed into recreational areas by moving traffic to major roads. 21 intersections will be closed and they will be transformed into small city parks with space for exercise, play and fresh air.

  • Since the 90s, the city has been a pioneer in Smart City solutions. Presentation by the municipality's technical administration about the latest initiatives, including visits to the district 22 @. 

  • Antonío Gaudi's unknown projects.

  • Transformation project of Venice Biennale (2018) participant: A disused union house is transformed into a culture house; presentation at the design studio S

  • For municipalities and housing associations: visit to a ghetto area (13,000 poor and vulnerable residents). Visit to learn about the various neighborhood improvements.

  • Bicycle ride along the waterfront. Passing by a mixed urban area initiated in the 1992 Olympics.

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