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Architecture Basel

Program highlights: 

  • Vals and Zürich: Peter Zumthor’s projects

  • Projects by the famous architect studio Herzog & de Meuron, Diener & Diener Architecten and other leading Swiss design studios

  • Wood/CLT: Visit to an abbey with a new extension constructed from wood – and a large municipal warehouse completed in just one week.

  • Guided tour in a medical tech-park, visit a string of buildings designed by some of the world’s most prominent architects

  • A former industrial hall converted into a green park with 25 metre-high trees that grow upwards out of an enormous metal structure  

  • Visit to a university to learn about robot technology in wood building projects.

  • Visit to  a new ‘natural’ outdoor public pool designed by Herzog & de Meuron.

  • Urban development and city planning: the area around Zürich’s train station and airport

  • Rudolf Steiner’s first school.

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