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Small apartments and space for common activities


In many Public housing organisations there is a focus on rethinking housing types:


Senior living communities, new or furnished in existing buildings, e.g. old hospitals, factories with small apartments and larger spaces for common activities.

Divorce apartments, where the children do not have to 'move' every week. The homes are located in the same stairwell and the children's rooms are located between the father's and the mother's apartments.

Common intranet In many residential buildings, a common intranet is set up, where the residents can help each other with shirt ironing, childcare, etc.

In other housing developments, the rent is reduced, if the tenants themselves make sure to cut grass and clean gutters, etc.


'Friendly housing' is a new way of living together for young people. Here, for example, a student helps a refugee to fall into Danish conditions.


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