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Unveiling Helsinki's Architectural Tapestry:

Explore notable architectural landmarks in Helsinki with us. Visit Rooftop Park - Bryga, known for its modern design, the Dance Hall renowned for its functional aspects, and the University of the Arts, an institution with a practical approach to architecture.

Discover the Helsinki Biennial Pavilion, a prominent art venue in the city center, and Katajanokan Laituri, a location seamlessly integrating business and culture.

Lastly, delve into the architectural legacy at Jyvaskyla University by Alvar Aalto, where each structure contributes to the city's rich narrative. Join our tour for a factual exploration of Helsinki's diverse architectural landscape.

Universities and public schools: From renovated Alvar Aalto university building complexes to innovative public schools. Finland ranks among Top 3 when it comes to PISA-evaluation.  

City developments: 

2 industrial harbours: Kalasatama & Jätkasaari.

Smart Kalasatama, is an initiative to improve living quality and communities in Kalasatama.  The overall aim of the project is to give residents one extra hour per day through intelligent management of resources and to open up residential areas to the public, to improve the community. By 2030, Kalasatama will be home to 25 000 people (current population: 3 000) and 10 000 jobs.

Jätkäsaari is being transformed from an industrial harbour into a prime residential area, with distinct and colourful architecture. The Jätkäsaari complex is scheduled to be completed by 2030. It will eventually house 18,000 residents and have business space for 6,000 office workers. In the future, it will be a melting pot of diverse services, independent shops, as well as plentiful, efficient tram routes, bike lanes, and pedestrian walkways.

  • Rooftop Park - Bryga: Elevated beauty inspired by Helsinki's archipelago, stormwater management, and visionary design.

  • Dance Hall: Rhythmic allure and world-class setting for dance, circus, and culture at the Cable Factory Cultural Centre.

  • Helsinki Biennial Pavilion: Gateway to art at the South Harbour, offering a public open-air urban living room space.

Wooden constructions

From saunas to culture houses, libraries and Stora Enso's coming head office. 

  • Katajanokan Laituri: A masterpiece of Finnish wood construction, mixed-use, that is housing Stora Enso's head office, a hotel, and public spaces. Construction is expected to be completed in 2024.

Explore more around Helsinki:

Helsinki can be advantageously combined with an extra 1-2 days to explore the areas around Turku to the west and Jyväskylä to the north. Contact us to learn more about the themes that apply to these areas.

Contact us for additional information and customized tours.

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