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Scandiagade Sydhavnen

Rainwater management

Climate adaptation? Yes, because more water is coming


With ArkiTours Consulting you get knowledge of "best practice" at European level when it comes to rainwater management and climate adaptation solutions. In the northern hemisphere, climate change means we get more rainfall, more cloudbursts, higher water levels and higher temperatures.


Skilled people in the field, i.a. with decades of experience from Holland and Germany says that we must go with the water, ie. give the water space. Only in this way do you become climate robust, ie. develops resilience in cities and residential areas.


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For example, you get insight into:


Revised master plans for cities and nature areas, where space is provided for the water by reopening a historic stream and delaying the water at stair pools, eg in Norway


• How do high water gates work? Ie. where the dwellings are at the same level as the high tide basin, eg as in port areas in Germany?


• Master plans for port areas in Germany and the Netherlands, where high tide increases are considered in the development of buildings from the start, from recreational areas to housing, schools, etc.


• LAR solutions in the Netherlands and Belgium, from water storage to seepage, evaporation, delay and water transport. Both recreational / multi-functional facilities and others.

• Biodiversity projects that address water issues


• How to engage different citizens, eg children and resident groups?


• Challenges when it becomes everyday; from operation to climate footprint measurements


Contact us to find out which cities are first movers in terms of innovation in climate adaptation

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