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Recycled building materials

Recycled building materials


Recycled building materials might be: old used doors, plastic, bricks, roof tiles and shipping containers


How can old building materials be used in new constructions, so that the architecture appears both aesthetically and functionally? It is a fantastically exciting field and the circular transition is growing very fast.


Recycling building materials is cheaper and more energy efficient because the element gets new life rather than ending up in the landfill. Waste materials such as grass from mowed football pitches are also used as insulation material in addition to ancient natural building materials such as clay, hemp and eelgrass. The innovation is rapidly moving and we make sure that you'll meet the leading companies internationally and in Denmark that create the most innovative projects.


What does the good collaboration look like?

You'll experience how different professionals look at the good collaboration. For example, the collaboration process between different professional groups; design studio, manufacturer, contractor and builder.


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