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Sustainable concrete

Learn from the first cases with recycled concrete in Switzerland and Norway - and in DK


Concrete is the most common building material and is therefore included in the majority of buildings. When we know that cities are growing globally, it is worth to know, that the concrete industry and researchers in Switzerland, for example, have been developing recycled concrete for the last 30 years. (ie concrete from demolition and waste from concrete production) - and new binders .


In Switzerland, the public sector is leading by example: An extention of Kunsthaus Zürich will with 98% recycled concrete. The same high level of ambition is for a new hospital and for residential buildings. In addition to recycled concrete, the recipe for more sustainable concrete is i.a. to replace cement clinker with various additives with binder properties, eg fired oil shale. It will reduce CO2 emissions when producing the concrete.


The cement industry and the construction industry are undergoing the green transition

Internationally and in Denmark, the cement industry and researchers are thus in full swing to find solutions that can reduce CO2 emissions. It is highly necessary. Researchers say that the construction industry produces the equivalent of ½ tonnes of concrete per person per year globally.


Contact us if you are interested in a program for Switzerland or Norway on recycled concrete in the circular conversion, ie. from visits to factories with professional presentations to project visits, etc. As a customer of ArkiTours Consulting, you always get a program, which is tailored to your needs.


Photo: Kunsthaus Zürich, and from Trondhjem (Danish construction offer) - and


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