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Wood as a building material and expression


We will see more and more wooden construction, both in the province and in the big cities. In Denmark, we do not have a tradition of wooden construction, such as in Switzerland, Sweden and Norway, but the development in DK is in full swing, for example with the mega project Fælledbyen in Copenhagen. It will be a mixed district with i.a. 2000 public housing in wood and CLT. Dormitories are also built in wood in Copenhagen, while around Aarhus there are also several award-winning housing projects in wood and CLT. People demand the good acoustics and the comfortable indoor climate that wooden buildings often have.


Programs where you especially see the latest examples of wood construction go to Zurich-Basel, Växjö and Helsinki. (link). You come all the way around building in wood, from

construction principles for construction time and insight into different types of wood: oak, glulam, pine, larch. Issues of maintenance, fire are also covered. We make sure that you hear presentations from experienced developers, design studios and contractors, and that there is plenty of time for your / your questions.


Why is wood the most sustainable building material?

Wood is a climate-friendly raw material because it stores CO2. However, it is a prerequisite that wood is produced sustainably. This is done by planting the forest area with new trees and not felling more than growing up. In addition, wood can be recycled in transformation projects, where century-old wooden constructions are restored and combined with new additions in wood, as in the project ‘Studielandsbyen’ by the Danish design studio Lenschow & Pihlmann. Even large projects can be built in a few months in wood, from commercial construction to residential complexes. It also contributes to the positive climate accounts. See also Tree Information.

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