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Image by Christian Holzinger

Architecture Amsterdam

Highligts in Amsterdam:

  • Urban walking in Ij-burg, new urban area with high density in the buildings, good public transport - and lots of bike paths; future car-free area. Housing with mixed ownership high- and low-income citizens.

  • Robot technology as a new construction method. We visit the company behind, and see an example.

  • Attractive residential area on a green slope with LAR solutions, from water stairs to drain in roads etc.

  • New forms of housing: Housing complex for refugees and students.

  • High-rise building in wood with mobile walls that can change function for apartments.

  • Climate-adapted city plan by star architects MVRDV, where various architects have designed the buildings, from courtyard houses to terraced houses and villas

  • Sustainable interior design of luxury hotel, based on circular economy and without the use of disposable elements

  • Infrastructure: 7 new metro stations, designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects, completed in 2018, 

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