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  • Do we have to book our flights and hotel accommodation ourselves?
    We work together with a professional travel agency that takes care of flights, train tickets and hotel accommodation.
  • Do we have to book restaurants for lunch and dinner ourselves?
    ArkiTours books lunch restaurants in connection with a visitor program. ArkiTours can also book additional restaurant reservations, or you can book these yourselves.
  • How do we get from one visit to the next?
    ArkiTours ensures you are led/transported from A to B
  • Do you also arrange programs to Mexico or Hong Kong, for example? "
    ArkiTours arranges visitor programs in Europe
  • How many people constitute a group?
    ArkiTours arranges visitor programs for professional groups from 10-150 people.
  • For municipalities: can we get some inspiration for how we, as citizens, can get better at sorting our waste? "
    Yes, we can arrange for you to meet a municipality or similar and hear about their experiences on the topic.
  • Do ArkiTours come with us on the trip as travel guide?
    It’s up to you whether you would like to have ArkiTours with you on the trip as travel guide.
  • Will we get to meet international professionals and experts, e.g. architects, urban planners, timber manufacturers and so on?"
    We make sure that you meet those experts who are relevant to your focus area on the study tour.
  • How much does a study tour to Helsinki cost, for example – or to Switzerland?"
    A study tour costs around DKK 10,000-14,000 per person if there are 20 people in a group. This price includes expenses for planning, hotel stay, flights and other transport plus lunches. The price also depends on the chosen destination.
  • Does ArkiTours collaborate with the customer on the program?
    Yes, all programs take place in dialogue with the customer.
  • For architects: can we use our training funds?
    All employed architects can use their saved-up training funds for the study tours we arrange.r.
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