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Transformation and Renovation

As we face new challenges in urban development and sustainability, transformation and renovation are becoming increasingly relevant. These processes are essential not only for maintaining and improving existing infrastructure but also for revitalizing cities and breathing new life into old buildings. Projects in cities like Rotterdam, Helsinki, and Paris pave the way for how we can transform and preserve while adding modern features and sustainability.


Why are Transformation and Renovation Important?

These processes play a critical role in the green transition of our built environment. By recycling and updating existing buildings, we reduce the need for new materials and minimize the overall carbon footprint of construction. Transformation and renovation also allow for the preservation of historical and cultural heritage while updating buildings to current standards of energy efficiency and comfort.


When it comes to transformation, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Some leading cities in transformation and renovation include:


  • In Paris, empty commercial properties are being converted into residential spaces.

  • In Rotterdam, a strategy has been implemented to transform old municipal schools from the 1920s into housing.

  • In Helsinki, industrial facilities have been converted into a university and another into a center for contemporary dance.


Many of our programs offer you the opportunity to see and learn about various projects on transformation and renovation. Here you can attend presentations about renovation techniques, prefabricated components, or facade restoration by various professionals. We also offer in-depth visits to projects that demonstrate the use of these techniques and materials in practice.


Contact us if study programs on this topic could be of interest to you. 

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