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The world's most liveable city

Vienna tops the livability ranking in 2023, thanks to the city's blend of stability, rich culture, entertainment, reliable infrastructure, and excellent education and healthcare services. (See the official report here)

Simultaneously, Vienna has a historical foundation in sustainable urban and residential development. Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, successive politicians have ensured that ordinary people can affordably reside in rental housing in central urban areas, catering to both nurses and students. Concurrently, there's an investment in attracting international figures to the city, with projects featuring renowned architects like Zaha Hadid and Jean Nouvel.


Highlights from the program:

Public Housing Developments:

Vienna, where 50% of residents rent for approximately 5,000 DKK per month. We explore innovative living arrangements for multiple generations, renovated factory buildings, wooden apartment complexes with structural timber, pop-up forms, mixed-use spaces with apartments, offices, and other businesses.

The development of innovative public housing areas has been part of housing policy since the 1920s, notably reinforced from 2016 to 2022 with the international IBA exhibition—a visionary effort to develop and realize new housing forms. You'll visit several award-winning IBA housing projects.

Urban Development in Aspern Seestadt:

Visit one of Europe's largest sustainable urban development areas.

A new, car-free residential area designed for 25,000 residents and 20,000 jobs, along with educational institutions, daycare, retail, etc. The area is gradually developing, featuring a mix of ownership, rental, and self-financed properties, many developed by independent "bau-groups."

Focus areas in Aspern Seestadt include:

  • Timber construction, from high-rise hotels and offices to award-winning residential complexes.

  • Area development and new housing typologies: from the initial phase to the current 3rd phase in the northern part, with projects aiming to create flexible living and working spaces, including micro-offices, co-working spaces, cultural garages, youth centers, and sports facilities.

The Green City:

Biotope City in Vienna is the world's first officially "climate-fit green pass platinum-certified" urban space. With 950 apartments designed to harmonize biodiversity, urban life, and flora & fauna, featuring approximately 50% green roofs. Nature is utilized for temperature reduction up to 2.2 degrees, rainwater delay up to 33%, cleaner microclimates through natural particle filtration, and efficient CO2 reduction.

Insight into Historical Vienna:

Explore buildings by Otto Wagner, Adolf Loos; visit elegant cafes, and iconic Art Deco and Art Nouveau sites (optional).

Duration: 3 days.

Contact us for more information.

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