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Customer References

Copenhagen – May 2023 – Grill Oppenheim Architecture & Design

Sigal Grill

Architect, Grill & Oppenheim, Tel Aviv

Thank you, Dorte & Thomas for the wonderful experience my team and I had in Copenhagen. The program that you had created so meticulously was above and beyond all of our expectations. All of us learned so much and were inspired by everything we saw. We returned full of new and innovative ideas.

Copenhagen – November 2022 – Betong Norway, Association of Concrete

Nini Mollatt,
Course coordinator,
Betong Norway

Thank you for a very good scheme once again 😊

We have received good feedback and the participants were very engaged during visits to the various projects.

Helsinki – September 2022 – Pluskontoret Arkitekter A/S

Britt Krenk,
PQ - & Communication, Pluskontoret Arkitekter A/S

What a fantastic trip we have had, the general atmosphere has been – WOW
Helsinki really surprises :-)

Barcelona – Herning Municipality 

Eva Kanstrup, 
Manager of technical services for Herning Municipality

“ArkiTours arranged a four-day tour of Barcelona for the City of Herning's Technical and Environmental Committee, the aim being to get inspiration and ideas for urban solutions in new urban spaces, for example Smart City solutions such as intelligent waste containers.


“One benefit of a collaboration with ArkiTours is first and foremost, the huge network that ArkiTours’ has in Barcelona. We could not have got a better impression of the city than we got by being guided by Danes who know Barcelona inside and out,”, says Eva Kanstrup, manager of technical services for Herning Municipality.


“The trip was hugely inspiring on a very practical and specific level, as all Danish municipalities need to develop central waste sorting systems in the near future.  The type of system we saw in Barcelona simply isn’t established in Denmark yet.”

Study tour to Hamburg – Rødovre Municipality 

Bjarne Rieckmann,

City Architect

“I felt it was an extremely successful trip – exciting and productive

Study tour to Paris – Kullegaard Architects

Kullegaard Arkitekter

It was an absolutely fantastic trip – very overwhelming. I’ve been to Paris before, but have never experienced the city in this way. In particular the French Communist Party Headquarters, designed by Le Corbusier, felt like stepping into another world – with a fantastic tour guide. We got some of the best food on the trip at the bakery. It seemed to come as a shock to some of the restaurants to have to serve 50 people at one time. At the hotel, two of the men in our party had to share a double bed – as well as a duvet! BUT you can give yourselves a good ‘pat on the back’ for an excellently planned tour of Paris.”

Study tour to Amsterdam – NCC Denmark

Jens Thamdrup,

Head of Section, NCC

Friday with Tom Frantzen was a big hit. He was both friendly and welcoming and had interesting ideas. In my opinion the De Keyzer brewery was not especially interesting, whereas Patch 22 was absolutely fascinating. We were inside an apartment that was being renovated and were able to see the structure of the building and so on. Fantastic. The foyer in EYE was another highlight. Thank you for having reserved a table – I hadn’t been expecting that.”

Hamburg – Kuben Management – 96 people

Anna Brandt Østerby, Urban Planner

“It was quite simply a fantastic trip, all our employees really enjoyed it and have given us nothing but positive feedback – much praise as well to Sønke and his guides for the specialist program. The restaurant was also very well-chosen and made for an incredibly charming backdrop.”

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