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Koyasan, Nara, the islands - and to Kyoto & Tokyo

Classical craftsmanship traditions, new technologies, and the relationship with nature

With our program, you will get insight into the "undiscovered Japan", i.e., mountain areas, villages, and a southern island group. The final part of the program takes place in Kyoto and Tokyo. We collaborate with Japanspecialist who handles flight and hotel bookings.

Regarding sustainability, a distinctive feature of Japan is the combination of traditional craftsmanship traditions with the tech industry's innovative approach, for example, in terms of energy efficiency - and the use of earth, wind, and solar energy. Last but not least, nature is often an integrated part of architecture; from courtyards to individual trees to the way window sections are designed.

Another theme is the almost ubiquitous relationship with nature. From temples and Zen Buddhist garden layouts to the relationship between inside and outside in museums, residences, commercial buildings, hotels, etc. You will also gain insight into profiled and recognized projects from recent years, partly by well-known architects, and partly by more unknown ones; Tadao Ando, Hiroshi Hara, Kengo Kuma, SANAA, Yoshio Taniguchi, and Ryue Nishizawa. Drawing office visits are also part of the program.

Local urban development guides and various professionals give presentations during project visits 
You will meet local architects, landscape architects, developers, and other professionals - in addition to guides who talk about various cultural and historical topics.

How does transportation work around the country?
Mostly by train, including the high-speed Shinkansen train. Boat trip to the islands - and by subway around Tokyo. In Kyoto, there is also the option to bicycle.

What kind of accommodations?
From a traditional temple in the mountain town of Koyasan to 3-star business-like international hotel types, where everything is clean and neat, not luxurious. We prioritise the good location concerning project visits.

Contact us, if you want to hear more, or if you have any questions.

If you are a company/group of 20-25 people, we can calculate a total price including hotel, flights for the professional program, fees for presenters, train transportation, museum entrance, etc.

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