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Our values

High level of professional expertise

When we put together a program, it’s tailored precisely to your organisation. Do you work most with schools and/or residential projects? Then we’ll arrange for you to visit a selection of the most acclaimed school buildings or residential complexes in Tallinn or Switzerland, for example. You’ll also go behind-the-scenes – that is, inside the buildings – and get guided tours conducted by the local architectural studios. You’ll have the chance to see inside both power plants and private homes. You’ll hear presentations from timber producers at their manufacturing plants, or meet a Dutch design firm that works exclusively with local rainfall diversion projects and recreational outdoor spaces in the city.



You'll get our commitment and enthusiasm, from the very first meeting and throughout the detailed planning phase – as well as in the trip itself, where we’ll often join you as travel guide. We figure out how to fix problems as they arise, for example if a participant suddenly loses their suitcase or falls ill. For us, smart recycling systems for waste in the City of Hamburg are just as important as world-class architecture – and equally worth looking forward to. 



We retain the big picture, even when 150 people are going on a 3-hour bike ride in Central Aarhus to learn about urban development along the waterfront. Every 15 minutes of our program has been thought out, so you’ll feel like you’ve seen a great deal – as well as having enough time to go into a project in detail and ask questions. You get a comprehensive package from us, so bus transfers, presentations, lunch and so on all take place naturally and efficiently. On top of this, we show you fantastic ‘secret’ spots, for example an exclusive 19th-century brewery in Barcelona restored by Jean Nouvel – or a visit to a private palace in Venice’s historic centre. 

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