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Communities & the Built Environment

Explore Sustainable Living

As people change their way of living and working, so does their living situation. In the past, most homes were built for families, but today a family can be composed in 37 different ways. 


Come with us on an exciting journey through cool buildings and eco-friendly living. We'll show you all kinds of homes, from old-style houses to modern ones that help the environment. See how communities are getting better with green changes, and check out the newest home ideas. Explore how old buildings are getting new life with eco-friendly updates. Join us as we discover cool homes that are good for the Earth and look awesome too.

Senior Living, Co-housing, Mixed-use and much more

As seniors flourish in close-knit communities, municipalities prioritize senior living to enhance well-being. Danish design studios pioneer homes that foster safe social interactions both indoors and outdoors.

Our tailored study trips offer insights into senior housing projects, connecting housing associations, municipalities, developers, and engineers with exemplary communities. Gain firsthand knowledge from user surveys and engage with professionals to understand community dynamics and activities.

Another innovative yet interesting approach is the new trend of public housing organizations which are transforming living spaces, repurposing old hospitals or factories to accommodate small apartments and communal areas.


Discover "divorce apartments" keeping families together while providing separate spaces for parents and children. Benefit from shared intranets facilitating resident collaboration, and explore rent reductions for maintenance contributions.

Additionally, we provide tours showcasing unique "mixed-use" living arrangements, promoting integration between students and refugees. Reach out to us to discover more and become part of our journey towards inclusive, community-centered living.

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