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CLT constructions

Architecture in CLT


Cross Laminated timber, CLT, is industrially developed wood. International wooden manufacturers have been developing CLT for decades. It is made of cross-glued lamella layers in solid wood and is used both as a load-bearing structure and as exterior and interior walls as well as roofs and storey decks. It is extremely durable and has a load-bearing capacity similar to concrete.


Our programs often include visits to the factories of timber producers in Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and Austria. Here you get an in-depth insight into different CLT solutions, module types, fittings and the collaboration process. The majority of contemporary wooden buildings are wholly or partly built in CLT. Researchers have studied that one achieves the greatest CO2 savings if the load-bearing elements are in CLT. 


You can choose a program with an emphasis on CLT and wood construction for example: Zurich-Basel, Växjö and Helsinki


Study trips to Stockholm, Vienna and Oslo-Stavanger also have different types of wooden construction on the agenda. We place great emphasis on you getting to see and learn about different types of construction, from schools to high-rise residential construction, commercial construction, recreational projects, cultural construction and transformation.

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