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Girona - Barcelona

Girona - Barcelona

Architecture that communicates with nature 


From landscape architecture to Barcelona's ambitious urban development The program starts in the north of Spain, among mountains and volcanic areas, where the three partners of the drawing studio RCR (Pritzker Winners 2017) were born and raised.


Their strong roots to the mountains, their hometown and the landscape in general permeate their projects. The materials must speak their own language. Walls and ceilings must be in close contact with the sky, the trees and the ground we walk on. The transitions between inside and outside are fluid. For two days, the focus is on their projects, from a colorful kindergarten on the outskirts of a mountain town to other main works, including a visit to their design studio, which you will not forget ...


It is obvious to combine the trip with a day in Barcelona (1 hour drive).

Estracts from the program:


  • Girona and Olot:  RCR's projects, 2 days.

  • We visit a marvelous restaurant and wedding pavillon by RCR Architects in Olot

  • A Kindergarten by RCR in all colours

  • The landscape and park formed by RCR with a lot of stones from the area

  • RCR has shaped the landscape and the facilities of a winyeard near by the village Olot

  • We visit the vinyard.

Estracts from the program:


  • Superblocks: The city council is working on a superblocks program. Busy streets will be transformed into recreational areas by moving traffic to major roads. 21 intersections will be closed and they will be transformed into small city parks with space for exercise, play and fresh air.

  • Since the 90s, the city has been a pioneer in Smart City solutions. Presentation by the municipality's technical administration about the latest initiatives, including visits to the district 22 @. 

  • Antonío Gaudi's unknown projects.

  • Transformation project of Venice Biennale (2018) participant: A disused union house is transformed into a culture house; presentation at the design studio S

  • For municipalities and housing associations: visit to a ghetto area (13,000 poor and vulnerable residents). Visit to learn about the various neighborhood improvements.

  • Bicycle ride along the waterfront. Passing by a mixed urban area initiated in the 1992 Olympics.


For housing associations, municipalities, engineers, planners and architects:
Barcelona is  worth learning from in relation to the development of affordable housing (carried by the socialist mayor Ada Colau). Developers are are ricing the prices for the tenants despite massive youth unemployment and large groups of poor rural settlers. 
Number of days: 3 days
Contact us to hear more about the program. 
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