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Politicians Prioritize Bus and Bicycle Streets and Recreational Green Spaces

The southern French city of Bordeaux has experienced significant development over the last 20 years. The introduction of the tramway in 2003 connected the city's neighbourhoods, and the municipality upgraded public spaces. Private property owners followed suit, renovating their properties in the city centre. Since then, Bordeaux has evolved in an increasingly green and recreational direction, with high ambitions in several areas, as you will discover in a 3-day program:


  • Mobility
    Cars are gradually leaving the city. A differentiated cycling infrastructure has been developed, including separate lanes, one-way cycling streets, and streets reserved for buses and cyclists. The "My Street Breathes" project increases pedestrian areas. Presentations by cyclist organizations, Bordeaux municipality, etc.


  • The Green City
    Along the quays of the Garonne River, an ambitious recreational urban space has been established: a large water mirror that attracts both skaters and those strolling by the river. Rhythmic arrangements of various flower beds create variation in the urban space. The next step for left-wing politicians is to connect city nodes in a massive "green grid": trees and plants should cover the roofs of tram stops and along cycle paths.


  • World-Class Architecture
    Bordeaux has achieved a Bilbao effect: highly profiled architects have led the way in new urban and residential areas. Iconic projects by both French and international names, from Pritzker winners to Swiss and Dutch firms, can be found. Vineyards designed by Foster & Partners, for example, are within easy reach. Presentations by various experts.


  • New Residential Areas and Transformation
    Visits to both newly built residential areas and revitalized award-winning residential areas from the 1950s, such as Grand Parc. You will gain insight into the urban development model of that time, where 4000 homes were built, along with cultural and commercial offerings. You'll understand how the effort goes far beyond housing renovation. Guided tour by a local architect and visits and/or presentations by the housing company. The transformation of an industrial area into a cultural meeting place is also part of the program.


  • Vineyards
    On the outskirts of Bordeaux, some of the world's most famous vineyards can be found. Many of these vineyards are designed by renowned architects and are architectural sights in themselves.

What Topics Are Most Important for You to Learn About?

You will receive a tailored program that fits your focus areas and future development. Both the selection of projects and presenters will be coordinated closely with you.

Contact us to discuss why the development in Bordeaux could be valuable for you to learn from.

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