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Superkilen, Nørrebro


What is the good life in the city?


Livability is in many ways both a vague and convoluted concept. We use it anyway, because it contains both the complexity and dynamics that characterize the city. Livability is about the city's space and the life that is lived there, from scooters in the streets to state food, festivals, sea bathing facilities, playgrounds and green recreational facilities.


Municipalities from Barcelona to Oslo, Vienna - and Copenhagen - work with various long-term and conscious strategies, all of which are about raising the quality of life for the many who live in the cities. Our programs give you both insight into the strategic level and the concrete examples at street level contact us to hear more.


Common to many big cities is that the cars are on their way out of the cities. Instead, residents will be given more tranquility and easier access to green areas and other recreational areas.


Do you work in a municipality?

Get inspiration to, for example, revitalize dead ends of the pedestrian street or transform traffic hubs into recreational areas on a study trip to, for example, Oslo, Vienna or Barcelona. (left)

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